Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Understatement

Yesterday was Erin's home school science class. This is a fantastic class that meets at the town library and Tony, the man who teaches it, always has something really cool to show the kids. Yesterday it was tree frogs. He started by showing the kids how these two fist-sized frogs could literally climb up the door. Then he got them down from the door and put them on the floor and had all the kids sitting around them as he was describing some of the cool things about them. He says, "Does anyone want to hold one?" Erin, my brave little soul, tentatively sticks out her hand--and this is where a video camera would have been very handy. Before you can blink, one frog has jumped from the floor to her arm to the top of her head while the other one has jumped to her leg and then to her arm. Well, Erin let out a screech (that literally brought the librarian down from upstairs) and starts waving her arm and shaking her head. Tony can see that she is pretty freaked out and is trying to calm her while at the same time trying to save the frog who is clinging to Erin's hair and shirt (remember, these are tree frogs so they have sticky feet!). Erin finally shakes off the one on her arm and Tony gets the one on her head before Erin scuttles away to the other side of the room, panting and shaking. Of course you might feel badly for her, but she composed herself very quickly and got back into the group and went about her class. (Leaving us grown-ups laughing hysterically at her 30-second freak-out!)

Later, when asked about her day, I hear Erin say to Daddy, "Oh yeah, and Daddy! At science class today I got to hold a real tree frog!"

Just like that.

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