Monday, June 24, 2013


I really have been neglecting this blog lately! We have been doing so much and I'm just trying to keep up with life these days. I have a photo book I have to finish for our portfolio review in a few weeks, the kids are doing a ton of activities, and with summer happening, things are just very busy and fun! Here are a few photos of our latest adventure in Seattle:
Top of the Space Needle

Cousins at a waterfall in the Cascades

Touching the Pacific Ocean for the first time!

Tide Pooling in the Pacific--HUGE sea stars!

Hiking in the Rainforest

Whale Watching around the San Juan Islands--AMAZING!

The other news in our family is Megan and her gymnastics.  She has worked very hard this year and is doing amazing stuff!  A few weeks ago, Megan had her first ever gymnastics meet and did really well.  She has been invited to join the team this summer--her crazy-busy schedule seems to be working for her!  We'll see how it all goes in the fall!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Megan Turned 8...last month.

I am the worst Mommy in the whole it is June 3rd already and I never posted a birthday post for Megan.  Oh! my little Goose is growing up too fast!  Megan's past year has been completely defined by gymnastics.  While it took us some time to appreciate that her requests for lessons were born from true desire (as opposed to just wanting to be with her friend), we finally got her signed up.  She started at Level 1...she was in that for about 20 minutes.  She was moved to Level 2 almost immediately and was in that class for about a week while they waited for an opening in the Level 3 class.  When she switched from one gym to another, she found her groove.  Level 3 lasted a few months until she (and her best friend) were asked to join PreTeam.  That is where she is now, anxiously finishing up the last few practices of this session to see who makes it to Team.  She is very, very close and working hard.  We'll see what happens!

Obviously it doesn't matter what happens in the world of gymnastics--she will always be my Goose.  Happy (very belated) Birthday to the newly crowned 8-year-old who brings so much joy to our family and to everyone she meets.  We love you, Megan!

(This is a picture of the baby goose we saw in Seattle--so not MY goose, but cute nonetheless!)