Friday, July 11, 2014

I am from...

At a writing camp this week, Megan was asked to write a poem about where she is from.  Here is what she wrote:

I am from waves crashing on the shore.
I am from sap, oozing out of the tree onto my hands.
     From warmth and my mothers arms.
     From snuggling down under the covers on a cold night.
I am from the moon and the sun.
     From butterflies and flowers.
I am from sparks flying from the camp fire.
I am from sledding and the sparkle of the snow.
     From family and friends.
     From the smell of pine trees.
     From the croaking of frogs.
I am from the fun and disappointments.
     From happy and sad.
I am from peace and fright.
I am from the fresh smell of books.
     From the sounds of birds and sitting in the garden.
     From rocks, sea glass, and shells.
I am from laughter and tears.
     From writing and reading.
I am from my dreams.