Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dancing in the rain

This morning the kids drew some pictures for me to take to my friend. As I was leaving, the kids described each of their creations so that I might correctly describe them to Amy. Evan drew with lots of colors and told me it was the ABCs.

Erin drew a picture of a bird in a tree holding a leash that was attached to a poodle. "I want Auntie Amy to laugh," she said, "and a bird taking a poodle for a walk is pretty funny!"

Megan handed me her picture of a person surrounded by dots of different sizes. "I want Auntie Amy to always remember what it felt like to dance in the rain."

Oh, from the mouths of babes....

The end is coming too fast. I'm not ready to say good bye, and yet there are no other options available to me. Amy is clearly ready to let go. She is tired, she is in pain....I saw it in her face today. There is nothing else for me to say to her except that I, too, hope she will always remember what it felt like to dance in the rain.

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