Saturday, May 21, 2011

Don't Say That

So I'm out at dinner the other night and a parent says to me, "We sent our kids to regular school for the socialization." And now I'm thinking several things...first, why on Earth would you say that to a homeschooler?? Why would you make such an incredibly loaded statement like that to someone you KNOW has decided to keep their kids home? Second, I'm thinking of all the reasons I don't want peers socializing my children. Third, I'm thinking that if that is really the reason you sent your kids to school, it isn't a very good reason. Finally, of course, I'm thinking of all the things I could say but won't because I'm too nice a person.

Such as a sarcastic, "Yeah...socialization is good, but Chris and I prefer to raise our kids in a box with no interaction." Or perhaps a kind, "Oh, are your children puppies? I didn't know!"

I won't go into all the complex reasons why socialization shouldn't happen at school (good place to practice it, lousy place to learn it) but please know that there isn't a homeschooling parent in the world who hasn't heard this a million times and hates it. And there isn't a homeschooling parent in the world who hasn't researched this substantially and made a well-informed choice that works for their family. We aren't judging you for your choice, so please give us the same courtesy.

Overall, Chris was very impressed with my restraint. Let me know what you would have said....


  1. How about "I homeschool my children because I want to avoid socialization at any cost". :) Seriously, I bet that would shut them up. I mean COME ON!!!!!! That argument it so old and so stupid. Grrrrr, don't get me started.

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  3. I totally say, "Me too! I live for the phone calls and emails from her teacher about the mean-girl bullying she and her 'friends' do to each other. I was so proud when the class voted to remove them from the community and isolate them at their own table so they wouldn't disrupt everyone else with their drama."

  4. How about "Gee, I really don't want my kid's values taught to them by a pack of wolves. I guess my husband and I are weird. Oh, but I'm sure your kids will turn out just fine."

    Ugh.... Your fancy dinner with Chris and this is what you had to deal with? Ugh again.....

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