Sunday, September 4, 2011

Phone Call

Normally, today, I'd have a very important phone call to make to wish my best friend a Happy Birthday. I'd call her up, we'd chat, she'd tell me that she had lunch with her mom or maybe went shopping. She never made a big deal out of her birthday (as most of us stop doing when we get older!), but if the timing worked out, maybe I'd be the one having lunch with her--we'd meet up at whatever restaurant struck our fancy that day and talk about absolutely nothing. In the days that she lived up here, I'd probably show up at her apartment with a cake or something and we'd eat ice cream together--no big deal, but something to honor the day. Once, in college, because we had moved into our dorms on her birthday weekend and then started classes the next day, her birthday flew by completely I threw her a surprise party in October. She was definitely surprised!

Instead, I find myself sitting here having just finished a wonderful walk/run with my oldest kiddo (discussing all the mushrooms we found in the woods--her current interest). In a little while, we will head out to visit my in-laws because tomorrow is my FIL's birthday. We'll have a picnic and laugh and eat cupcakes. In short, I'm sure I'll have a perfectly nice day. But it certainly won't be the day I wish it could be...because one phone call will be missing. One very important phone call.

Happy Birthday, Amy.


  1. I found you at happy sad momma and have read the first few entries in your blog. Your adventures in homeschooling sound wonderful. I would love to take a year when we can and home school our girls. I will have to check back for tips. I am so intrigued about Amy-what happened to Amy?

    Best, Lara

  2. Hi Lara, You can go back and read about Amy...she was my best friend in college and biggest supporter for the past 20 years. She passes away back in Feb of colon cancer. I write about her a bunch in 2010 as she is getting sicker.

    I'm glad you found me! Homeschooling is a HUGE adventure--I highly recommend it!