Sunday, February 10, 2013

Party Pictures

Baby's first cake...though as we were talking about it, we realized that, being the fourth child, we have no idea if this is actually her first cake. Probably not!


Oh wait...this stuff is GOOD!

More, please!!

Birthday presents wrapped in newspaper.  Love it!!

What is it??


Ahhhh...a new laundry basket!!

Maybe I should explain this--you see, Jordan LOVES rides in the laundry basket.  The girls will throw a pillow in the bottom of one and carry her around while she giggles and claps her hands.  Unfortunately, all my laundry baskets are broken, resulting in sharp edges on many of them.  Erin is pretty careful about putting pillows in just the right places, but for J's birthday, she decided that Jordan could really use some new baskets.  So we did!  (See, with a little explanation, a new laundry basket seems like the perfect gift for a 1-year-old, doesn't it??)
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  1. It's perfect! Happy belated birthday Jordan!

  2. Love it! It was special for her!