Saturday, April 13, 2013

Life Rocks!

I recently returned from a trip to NH to attend the Life Rocks Radical Unschooling conference.  It was an amazing experience!  Being around like-minded people for a week to share stories of this life we are building was incredible.  It was so refreshing to breathe in the love, passion, and excitement that everyone there shared for living a peaceful, joyful life with their kids.  We are home now, eager to step even deeper into this world of partnership parenting.


Meeting up with like-minded moms every morning at 8am!  The discussions we had over food freedom, media freedom, and living peacefully with our children were truly awesome.  I can't wait to attend this group again next year!

Watching how quickly Megan found like-minded friends and just played and played.  I didn't see much of her for the time we were there, but each time I saw her, she was beaming!

The water park.   

The sessions that reinforced the reasons we have kept our kids out of school until they are ready to choose that path for themselves (or not).  I love the freedom we have as a family and I love that my kids are in charge of their own futures.

The entertainment--nerf wars, pirates, sword name it, they had it.  The kids LOVED it.  (Oh, and a TV in the bedroom that had the Red Sox on every can guess who loved that part!)

All in all, a wonderful conference that left us with lots to think about.  I can't wait for next year!

 Evan sleeping with his Red Sox hat on...not sure he has taken that off since opening day!

 Erin was in her element during the Nerf Gun war.  Evan was thrilled with just being in a big crowd of kids who would fall over when he shot them.

 Spectators on a beautiful day!

Evan has told everyone that there was a real pirate at the you know it is true!

(I know there aren't any pictures of Megan up here, but like I said, I hardly saw her!  She was off with her friends the whole time!)

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