Monday, June 24, 2013


I really have been neglecting this blog lately! We have been doing so much and I'm just trying to keep up with life these days. I have a photo book I have to finish for our portfolio review in a few weeks, the kids are doing a ton of activities, and with summer happening, things are just very busy and fun! Here are a few photos of our latest adventure in Seattle:
Top of the Space Needle

Cousins at a waterfall in the Cascades

Touching the Pacific Ocean for the first time!

Tide Pooling in the Pacific--HUGE sea stars!

Hiking in the Rainforest

Whale Watching around the San Juan Islands--AMAZING!

The other news in our family is Megan and her gymnastics.  She has worked very hard this year and is doing amazing stuff!  A few weeks ago, Megan had her first ever gymnastics meet and did really well.  She has been invited to join the team this summer--her crazy-busy schedule seems to be working for her!  We'll see how it all goes in the fall!

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