Thursday, February 13, 2014

Five already!

There is something to be said for being 5.  Five is just about the coolest age (you know, like all the others that I love!).  Five is independent, but not quite (how does making a pb and j take 37 dishes and 17 knives?  Just ask a 5yo to do it!).  Five is rambunctious days and still loving the cuddly stories at night.  Five is running down the street to a friend's house ALL BY MYSELF!  Five is passionate about life and discovery.  Five is insightful questions followed immediately by ridiculous knock-knock jokes over and over and over.  Five is just awesome!

Here is Evan with Brian Butterfield, the Red Sox Third Base Coach. He came to Orono with the trophy, so of course Evan was there!

Here he is with his "general manager" fancy clothes on (usually when a uniform is in the wash), helping Daddy trim a tree.

And here he is in his first mountain bike race--a rare moment without Red Sox gear on!!

Happy Birthday to my incredible, baseball-obsessed, loving, lively, funny, happy, amazing bundle of little boy!  Let's see if we can make it to 6 in one piece!

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