Sunday, December 13, 2009

Got Kids?

So there we were--trying to get out the door to go get a tree. Just trying to get three kids and two adults out the door. You wouldn't think it would be so hard! It started with the chaos of trying to find everything, moved on to the the yelling from room to room, "I can't find my ____!" This was followed by the begging and the "I don't have my socks," and "I need a different shirt," and "I already went potty!" And before you know it, we had spent 30 minutes just getting the older two ready to go--snow pants, coats, hats, mittens, boots, etc. Finally, they get out the door and we can focus on the "easier" baby. He only needs a clean diaper and a few warm layers of clothes followed by being tucked into his fleece-lined, warm car seat. He does need a hat, obviously, so we put that on...and on again when he pulled it off...and again...and again.... Then, of course, WE need to get ready to go--boots, pants, hat, mittens. So there we are, ready to go and we look over at the baby and we see that face. You know the one. The "I'm pooping!" face--usually followed by a big grin. What timing, Little Man, what timing! Of course by this time the girls came in again wondering what was taking so long....

Is there anything to do except start the whole process over again??

Gotta love it!

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