Saturday, December 12, 2009

Probably not what he is saying...

So Evan's first word was clearly, "BA" as in, "The sheep says BAAAA." He would crawl around the house saying, "ba ba ba ba..." it was very cute, and so obviously related to connecting sheep to his everyday life. His second word was clearly "MAMA." I know this because when I was holding him, trying to get some stuff done one-handed, Chris took him to try to help me out. Evan immediately began to cry and say, "MAMA, MAMA, MAMA!" and wave his hands towards me. Clearly, he was referring to me. The child is obviously an early-talking, gifted genius. Though, to clarify for the parents of all the actual early-talking, gifted children in the world, when Evan says, "MAMA" he is almost always patting my breasts. Kid knows what he wants.

But for all you dads out there who want Evan's third word to be "DADA," know that you are almost right. My dear husband, the geographer in the family and my favorite geologist in the whole world clearly heard Evan's third word this week. Yes, folks, Evan's third word is "MAP." And, of course, like the sheep, Evan crawling around saying "MAP" is quite in context to him pulling books off the shelves or dumping out the dog water or climbing up ladders.... But hey, it is Chris's birthday. If he wants to think Evan is saying, "MAP" then that is okay with me!

See? Gifted children must run in our family!

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