Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Lists

Today the girls and I made a list--each day this summer we need to do:

Something Fun: This is self-explanatory

Something Kind: like to keep the house going--tidy a room, set the table, vacuum, put clothes away...things like that

Something Quiet: I said I put this on the list for Evan, but let's face it, it's for me too!

Something "Educational": which has a VERY broad definition, so that will be fun too, probably!

Anyway, today Erin was making our check-list, to make sure we hit everything. Something fun? We went to the playground. Something quiet? Erin read, Megan colored, I read and Evan napped. Something Educational? Erin wrote our list, Megan read a National Geographic Kids and the book I'm reading is very educational. Evan is always learning, so he kind of gets a free square here. We got to the part about something kind and Erin said, "I helped with the diapers." (This is true.) Megan said, "I'm helping make dinner!" (Also very true.) Evan was very cute, which we decided was kind to all of us. "Mom," Erin says, "what have you done kind today?" "Well, I washed the diapers, vacuumed the floor, made dinner, folded clothes, arranged a playdate for you two, filled up the pool...." "MOM!" she interrupted, "I'm only willing to write ONE thing, so pick ONE!"

Does this mean for the rest of the summer I can make the bed and call it good? I wonder.....


  1. Happy Summer to you all!

    I heard about this organization on the radio - and thought about Empty Arms. I guess it's really easy to set up the webpage/site through them and be noticed by many! Seems pretty cool. Love, - J

  2. I also agree, the answer is "yes." :)