Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mom Enough

I've been asked to write a post on this, so here goes!  YES!!  I *AM* MOM ENOUGH!

I am Mom Enough for Erin who needs someone to roll her eyes at when [I] don't know enough Star Wars trivia to suit her.  I am Mom Enough to lose constantly at chess and yet still say I'd love to every time she asks me to play.  I am Mom Enough to sit back and give her the freedom to live life the way she wants to and still Mom Enough to cuddle her at the end of the day when mistakes are made.

I am Mom Enough for Megan who needs someone to cheer her new gymnastics skills and help her work the abacus.  I am Mom Enough when she wants stories read and music played as she crawls into bed.  I am Mom Enough to do her pig tails exactly the way she wants them.

I am Mom Enough for Sophia, my shining star and the broken piece of my heart.  I will always be Mom Enough for her.

I am Mom Enough for Evan, our miracle baby boy who sends my head spinning and who wants Daddy Daddy Daddy (because Daddy is a boy, you see!) until cuddle time and then it is all me.  Go ahead and ask him...I'm all the Mom he needs!

I am Mom Enough for Jordan.  I provide milk, cuddles, love, warmth and security.  I am Mom Enough to nurse her just a little longer every day and hold her just a little tighter because we know she is our last little one.

I am Mom Enough for all my kids.  And you are Mom Enough for all of yours.  Mothering is not a competition and it is not a spectator sport that you get to be the judge of all the other mothers around you.  We all want what is best for our kids and even if we have disagreements about how to get that, we cannot lose sight of the fact that all our children are precious and wonderful and deserve our love.  All of our children deserve mothers who are Mom Enough...and know what??  ALL of us are!  The question should not be "Are you MOM enough?" the question should be "Are you a Mom?"  If the answer to that is yes, then the discussion needs to be about how we can best support each other on this mothering journey.  It isn't a is a team sport that involves risk and sacrifice and love and commitment.  It requires hardships and triumphs and mistakes and joys and requires all these things and know what?  WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME TEAM!  Let's come together as a team, work together and support each other...because in the end, we are all Mom Enough.

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