Friday, June 29, 2012

Another annoying email....

My health insurance company sends me weekly emails designed to encourage me to be healthy.  Usually it includes statistics about smoking or cancer or how exercise is important or ideas for improving my diet and/or controlling my blood sugar.  I often ignore these as they rarely have anything to do with me, but today's headline was about bedtime struggles with kids.  Here was one of the "tips" for getting kids to sleep:

See that your child is active. Aim for 60 minutes of daily activity, but if that sounds overwhelming, start small -- maybe 15 minutes. Outside playtime during the day is ideal.


Does that make anyone else physically ill???  I can't even fathom my children getting ONLY 60 minutes of active time a day, never mind 15 MINUTES!!  No wonder we have such an obesity epidemic in this country!  It is SUMMER--your children SHOULD be OUTSIDE for MOST of the DAY!  Heck, it is pouring rain right now and my kids are outside!  I would be too, if I didn't have to do the dishes and laundry while the baby was sleeping (shh...I recognize I'm blogging and not doing either of those right now...but still!)

It just makes me mad that kids don't play outside anymore and that as a general rule, we should be "aiming" for 60 minutes a day.  Along with those plastic toddler stationary bikes that your kid rides while watching TV, this is the kind of thing that just gets me fuming.

But I'll stop now!

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