Friday, June 29, 2012

The "S" word

I was out to dinner the other night with a group of colleagues and students that Chris works with.  A student had successfully defended his thesis and the gang was out celebrating (sometimes being the "spousal appendage" gets you a free meal and a cold beer!).  There is just something about the ability to have adult conversation once in a while that makes me enjoy the company--even if the discussion often centers around rocks of various types.  Anyway, there are usually other non-geology spouses to talk to and one in particular often asks me about my kids and homeschooling and such.  And, often, the conversation turns to that annoying (oh-so-annoying!!) word, socialization.  I mean, seriously [person I'm talking about], you know my kids, you have hung out with my kids, you have often commented on how wonderful my kids are!  Why are you so hung up on their supposed lack of socialization??  Can I just tell you how ANNOYING it is to homeschool and hear that word every place you go??  (Sorry, I'm just venting right now!)  Let it go, people!  Let it go!  There is not a homeschooling family in the country that hasn't heard this a million times.  We obviously think about it and we are aware of what kinds of socialization needs our kids have.  And even if you think we aren't thinking about it, it isn't your business.  Just so you know.  Yes, you know someone who knows someone who has a kid who is very "strange" and just not properly "socialized."  Great.  There are a million reasons that kid could be different--and none of them are up for debate or need to be discussed.  That kid does not need your judgement!  Know what?  Odds are that kid is pretty happy.  Different? Yes.  Doesn't fit into your mold?  Probably not.  But happy...truly, deep down, happy with who they are.  Case closed.

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