Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today's Concert

Today we went to a children's concert with Megan's school. Red Grammar, the singer, was great. He was doing this birthday song and as he ran through all the months, he was asking people to raise their hands if their birthday was during that month. When he called out January, Erin raised her hand, quickly put it down and looked at me. "Mom," she said, "I know my birthday isn't in January, but Sophie can't raise her hand. Is it okay that I did? I'm not trying to lie and say that is my birthday."

I nearly cried. Because normally when I hear the month of January, my whole body wants to jump up and down and yell, "I HAD A BABY THEN, I HAD A BABY THEN!" I want people to know about the little girl I never got to keep. And usually--usually--I'm very alone in this reaction. But not today. Today, my oldest baby girl, the first one I did get to keep, had that same feeling. She wanted, more than anything, to yell, "I HAD A SISTER! I HAD A SISTER!"

And I loved her even more for that. The whole audience thought she got her birthday wrong (because she also raised her hand for February), but I know better. She didn't get her birthday wrong, she got her sister's birthday right. It totally made my day.

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  1. Ok that just made me tear up. How beautiful that moment must have been. :)