Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Fun

I can't seem to get as many pictures up as I want--here are some of our family enjoying many of the wonderful gifts we got. In addition to the ones below, the girls got a new monkey bar set in the playroom basement--that has been a BIG hit! Now we have a swing, rings AND monkey bars! It makes the long winters here in Maine a bit easier on the mommy! Thank you to all for a wonderful holiday!

Evan got his own bowl--that's couscous he is eating, Cathy!

I'm sorry, did I say, "eating?" That's couscous he is managing to get all over the can't see the dog happily licking the floor beneath.

Both girls got snowshoes (thanks, Grammy and Grampy!) and have been out in the woods much of this past week. We had a marvelous time in the snow storm!

Here is our family at a waterfall in Acadia. We just wanted to get out for the day and enjoy the view.


  1. I only wait until my floor is a complete disaster (and for those of you that have seen my kitchen floor you are asking, when isn't that the case?), until I serve couscous. What an exquisite mess! :)

  2. Those are fantastic pictures. I'm glad the weather cooperated so the girls could snowshoe.