Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stone Age

Are we that old?? Today, Karen and I met at the Maine State Museum in Augusta--we had a great time with the kids as they checked out the trains and the nature stuff. It was great. Upstairs, they had this exhibit that showed houses and household chores and such through time. When they reached the 70's, there was this pretend living room set up with a 8mm film running (which my in-laws have hours of film on!), plastic swivel chairs and the most horrid wallpaper you can imagine. On the coffee table in the corner was a phone--a dial phone. Karen and I laughed as we remembered not only the dial phones, but the times gone by when you only had to dial the last four digits of a local phone number. Anyway, Erin comes over and wants to know how to work it. She was trying to push the holes, you see. So there I was, showing Erin how to put her finger in the hole, spin it until you run into the metal thing and then let go and let it rotate back to place. She dialed our number a few times because she thought it was cool. Megan gave it a try as well, but decided "the new way" was better. I just sighed at the fact that I spent a good 15 minutes today teaching my kids how to dial a phone and they asked, "Is this really how you used to do it??" Yes, that is how we did it...way back when.

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  1. I remember when velcro was invented. WOW.. talk about revolutionizing the world!