Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So today, Evan climbed up the ladder to the playhouse and then went down the slide all by himself about 10 or 12 times. Up the ladder, down the slide, up the ladder, down the slide. He was so proud--he would clap at the top and grin, then sit down, skooch himself to the top of the slide and then go down so fast that he would shoot off the bottom and flop onto the sand. He was loving it! Of course, then I decide that I really needed to capture this on video. So I went and got the camera and this is what I got:

I swear (for all the grandparents who read this), that was the first time he fell off! (And he's FINE, by the way!)

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  1. Poor kid! I feel bad because I laughed when I saw the video, but I was laughing at your luck with the camera (which would have been my luck too) not your little man.