Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another dream

Last night I had a dream.  I was in a van with some friends.  I don't know where we were going or who was driving.  I was sitting in the second to last row and was turned around so I could talk to Amy who was in the last row.  We were just chit-chatting when I asked her to recall the funniest thing she could remember from college.  She proceeded to tell a story of when we were in costume and hanging out with some friends playing cards (I'd tell the whole story but it really, truly was a "you just had to be there" moment and there is no way all of you would find it in the least bit funny).  I was sitting on this van with her, laughing hysterically because once she said it, I completely remembered that incident, but up until that moment, I hadn't really remembered it.

Then I woke up.  And know what??  I totally remembered the moment she was talking about in the dream.  It was something that happened sophomore year and it was absolutely a night of laugh-until-you-cry hysterics.  I remember it so clearly now even though it hasn't remotely entered my consciousness in nearly 20 years.  Oh, my friend, sometimes I miss you so much I don't know how I have survived this long or if I can take another step without you!  But then you show up, one way or another, to prove that you will always be with me.  Thank you, Amy, for the reminder.

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