Friday, April 2, 2010

National Poetry Month!

Okay, my friend, Bel is a writer and her favorite month is April, not just because of my birthday, but because it is National Poetry Month. She posts a poem a day for the whole month and she challenges other bloggers to do the same. I missed yesterday because of the excitement of The Letter, but I might have to give this poetry thing a try.

My favorite poems are haiku. I love their simplicity and how easily they can get a point across. So I started to write a few about my family. Here is one for Erin to get the month started...a day late! (I'll do one family member a day...that will get me a few days and then we'll have to see. Prepare to be completely sick of haiku poems by the end of the month...or week...whichever! So here goes:

The first birth just right.
She showed me a mother's love.
Seven so soon? Sigh.

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