Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not exactly a poem...

...but it has a poetic ending....

Looking out the window today brought an interesting sight. There was my 7-year-old daughter rolling old tires across the yard. One after another, she would get to her destination and go back to get another one. Now, I had a sick kid on the couch, a toddler playing with a bucket of water, and I was on the I couldn't exactly ask her what was going on or figure it out myself.

Anyway, a few minutes later when I got off the phone and got the other two settled, I went out on the porch and asked her what she was doing. She flashed me that incredibly cute grin out of the side of her mouth, (the one that will get her out of trouble for a few more years, at least) and said, "You know, Mom...curiosity killed the cat!" And she rolled her tire away without answering the question!

(See? A poetic ending!)

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