Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not a poem

Okay, so yesterday Erin's homeschool science class had a fieldtrip and Megan got to go along (it is her school vacation week). Tony, the teacher, is truly an interesting person. He loves outside and nature and gets a big kick out of sharing icky, funky stuff with kids. Who wouldn't love a guy whose motto is, "It all comes down to poop or pee!" (And really, what science concept doesn't??)

Yesterday we went to a really cool tropical fish place and Tony taught the kids about a shrimp that can break glass, a fish that can come out of the water, and all kinds of things about the very cool colorful ones. As we left there, Tony announced that the next stop was to his house to "meet his bird." Now, what are you thinking right now?? I was thinking something like cool parrot or rare toucan or something along those lines.

Yes, folks, that is an emu. Her name is Emu (because, apparently, when you are an emu, you don't need a cooler name than that!)

And that is Erin just after feeding Emu her handful of lettuce. Megan almost fed her too, but dropped her hand at the last minute. Given that she was standing under a bird that was easily 3x her size, I can't say that I blame her. I probably would have dropped my lettuce too.

Evan, of course, was outside the fence trying to get in the emu yard...because that is where his sisters were and if THEY get to be there, why can't he?? (Because, sweet boy, there is a HUGE BIRD in there and it would probably eat you for lunch!)

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  1. How do you go on vacation with an emu? I mean, what kennel takes one?!

    Cool neat! I won't show it to Steve, though, goodness knows that'll be our next project!