Thursday, May 13, 2010

For Charlotte

I drove to Belfast today to hear an amazing woman speak about her life of love and joy with her "unschooling" family. I'll definitely write more about that later, as I need more time to digest it all and figure out how it all fits into my family.

But as I was driving to Belfast, I was listening (as we usually are) to NPR and I heard, "It is Thursday, May 13th and you are listening to The World..." It is the normal introduction to this radio show but today, I was fixated on the date. May 13th. Normal, random day for most people, but for my dear friend, Carol, it is the day she gave birth to her first daughter, 7 years ago, who, due to a cord accident, was not alive when she was born. It struck me because here it was, May 13th and I was going about my business and the radio announcer was giving news and going about his business and talking about world events that continued to go about their business...and yet, in western MA today, was a woman whose business paused for a while--long enough to make a birthday cake for her baby girl. A baby girl who has been gone for 7 years, but yet has been here so deeply she has changed the lives of most of the people who have met her mom.

I'm thinking of you today, Carol, and loving you and Charlotte. I don't know where I would be today if you were not as strong and wonderful as you are. And tomorrow, as you begin your 8th year without your first born, know that you have made such a difference in so many lives--and we thank you. Happy Birthday, Charlotte. I wish you could have blown out your birthday candles tonight.

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