Thursday, May 6, 2010

She's FIVE!

May 6, 2005--what a day. Chris and I became parents for the second time, and for the second time, we missed a really cool birthday (Erin missed 3-3-03 by 4 days and Megan was only one day off from 5-5-05). But, neat as that would have been, it was not to be, because here she is turning 5 today, on May 6th. Can you believe she is 5? Me neither.

Megan's first year with us was exhausting. As I have said before, Megan was our "high needs" baby, right from the start. I know this is my fault--because Erin was so "easy," I had taken to bragging (yes, actually bragging) to friends about how great a parent I was. I would see screaming kids in the supermarket and assume it was because the parent clearly wasn't "doing it right" (whatever the heck that means!). So the Universe saw fit to shut me up. Thank you for that, really.

Once she could walk and talk, her crying subsided and she began to toddle after her sister. Always just a step behind Erin, we began to pick up subtle hints of her developing impish personality. A sly grin here, a giggle hiding from over there...she really learned how to be the most adorable little bundle of trouble. Her little freckled nose didn't hurt either!

Like her sister, Megan has always had a love of all things outside. Hiking, biking, kayaking, picking blueberries...she just thrives in this state of warm summer days, cool rainy puddle days, and cold, clear snowy days. Here she is at the top of the Beehive at Acadia National Park.

Megan is our little helper. Let her know what project you are working on and expect that she will jump to lend a hand. She loves working in the wood shop with Daddy and she is very good at planting gardens as well! She always dresses for the occasion!

This year has been an amazing time of growth for our little Goosie. As Erin has been homeschooling, Megan has been doing her second year at our local Montessori school. Without her sister out in front of her all the time, Megan has just blossomed into her own little person. Her kind heart and compassionate attitude towards all her classmates and friends is something that makes her teachers very proud (and us too!). She is learning math and reading at an astounding pace and, at home, working hard at riding that bike without training wheels! A hero to her little brother, Megan weathers his storms with ease--and she beamed with pride last week when he said her name for the first time. I admit that I, too, had tears in my eyes. Evan could not have picked a better big sister, just as Erin could not have asked for a better little sister. Megan is absolutely the "just right" fit for our family.

Happy Birthday, my Goose. I love you!

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