Monday, May 17, 2010

Fun Post

I just wanted to send a quick Thank You to my wonderful sister-in-law who has continued to bless us with fantastic gifts. The list of what she has brought into our house is amazing--feather boas that leave their little pink feathers everywhere, arts and craft supplies that you wouldn't believe, glitter glue, tissue paper, puff balls, paint, scraps of fabric, more glitter glue, and, the best ever, another feather boa, darker pink...also that leaves feathers everywhere. But what to get Evan? I mean really...what could she possibly get him that would top a flaming pink feather boa? Oh...I know! A DRUM! Better yet, a TIN drum with balls that roll around inside it and sticks to bang on with! YEEE HAW!

And because of this, he is probably the happiest boy you have seen in a long, long time! Because his Auntie Melissa is trying to do nothing else but bring joy to my children. And believe me, she has brought a lot of that (did I mention the glitter glue??)!

And me? I will continue to buy stock in the Advil company and be thankful beyond words that my children have their Auntie Melissa to get them the things that I never, ever would. Because a girl needs a boa and a boy needs a drum--really. Thank you, Melissa...and be sure to let us know when you have stopped moving around from house to house and country to country, because Molly is growing up fast and I have a few gift ideas of my own!

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